Reinventing healthcare one patient at a time
Reinventing healthcare one patient at a time
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Employee Health ≫ Symptomatic? Next Steps.

The below guidelines govern how we manage employee illness (COVID-19 like symptoms) or potential Coronavirus exposure.

Employee Illness

  • When an employee has a fever or is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and is not otherwise well enough to work, the employee will refrain from reporting for duty using the required notification process.
  • If an employee reports for duty exhibiting signs of illness and the manager feels that he/she is not well enough to work.
    • Employee should be masked immediately and sent home. Employees should NOT be sent to Employee Health.
    • Employee should be instructed to call EllisWorks COVID-19 hotline at 518.243.1616.
    • A phone interview will be conducted to determine employee's fitness for duty status, based on recent travel history, current symptoms, temperature status and any other pertinent medical history obtained.
    • Employee will be advised of his/her fitness for duty status based on phone interview findings and instructed to relay the information to the manager.  If employee is determined to be unable to work, he/she will be instructed to call COVID-19 Screening Line when they are symptom free, for a return to work phone interview.

Employee Travel: At this time if you are travelling domestically, have been vaccinated, and are asymptomatic, we no longer require you to contact EllisWorks or quarantine upon your return. However, if you have travelled and are showing symptoms upon return, or have not been vaccinated we ask that you call the EllisWorks COVID-19 hotline at 518.243.1616 before returning to work/entering any Ellis facility. This is critical to help prevent the spread, and protecting co-workers and patients.

Attached is a list of important points from the publications recently released by the state.

Vaccination Safety Info

Travel Quarantine Guidelines & Recommendations