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Family Medicine Residency

Welcome to Ellis' Family Medicine Residency


Ellis Medicine is proud to sponsor this impressive program which was established by the former St. Clare's Hospital in 1977. As the first family medicine residency in northeastern New York, the programs scope, size and reputation for excellence have grown steadily over the years. Ellis is pleased to continue this rich tradition.


Being the only medical/surgical residency program at Ellis Medicine, there are ample opportunities to pursue a broad spectrum of patient care experiences, as well as areas of personal interest. There is also an expanding network of community based activities and facilities outside the hospital environment which offer alternative training options and rotations.

Those of you taking part in the three year residency will, upon completion of your training at Ellis, be secure in your competency as family physicians and your ability to practice medicine within any geographic area of your choosing. In addition, you will benefit from the diverse patient population served by Ellis Medicine, the excellence of our faculty, as well as extensive educational forums, including teaching rounds and conferences.

Participants in our Osteopathic Program, in addition to sharing in all the experiences of their allopathic colleagues, are provided with an environment conducive to practicing their OMT skills.

The Family Medicine Residency program are invaluable to the hospital and the patients we serve. As such, the Ellis Medicine's administration, medical community and ancillary staff commit their full support to ensuring the success of our residents and interns.

I look forward to meeting our newest class of residents and interns, as I know from experience that their future accomplishments will reflect so well upon us.

John Petrillo, D.O., Program Director