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History | Bellevue Hospital

The History of Bellevue Woman's Hospital

Bellevue Woman's Center was founded as Bellevue Woman's Hospital in 1931 by Mary Grace Jorgensen, a 28 year old nurse, mother of three and a pioneer who wanted to meet the special needs of women, their babies and families. Bellevue Woman's Center exists today as a symbol of dedication to women's health needs.

History runs deep at Bellevue - it began as the one of the first hospitals to import mammography technology and played host to numerous medical pioneers: such as Dr. Virginia Apgar, who designed and introduced the Apgar score for newborns and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, a renowned child development specialist. At a time when women had home births, the hospital was a one-of-a-kind institution.

Bellevue converted from being privately owned to not-for-profit in November 2001. Five years later, Ellis Medicine assumed responsibility for these services when Bellevue Woman’s Hospital surrendered its license in the wake of state healthcare reform mandates.

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