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Interventional Surgery

Ellis Medicine's new Center for Surgical & Interventional Medicine, when completed, will be a $19.4 million, 25,000 square foot suite that combines cutting-edge surgical technology with the most sophisticated imaging capabilities.

About the Center for Surgical & Interventional Medicine

The best treatment for many cardiovascular patients often involves a combination of surgical procedures and non-surgical treatment (also known as interventional procedures); two converging specialties. Physicians increasingly require flexible, versatile environments to perform procedures, and more complex “open” surgeries within the same operating space. Ellis’ cardiac and vascular care programs currently operate within extremely confined space, and need more room to accomodate new techniques and advanced medical equipment.  

Further, interventional doctors, specializing in minimally invasive, targeted treatments using x-rays, ultrasound, and other diagnostic imaging, are siloed in other areas of the hospital. The growing need for these procedures means that Ellis’ current facility is at capacity and unable to accommodate the patient volume and all of the surgeons and interventionalists who want to work here.

Expanding Opportunities

This project will address changing surgical/procedure technology by locating related interventional services (cardiology, radiology, vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery care) in a single area on the second floor of Ellis Hospital, upgrading technology, offering a new “hybrid” operating room (OR), and expanding the capacity of the pre/post care.

Why Ellis, Why Now?

  1. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the communities we serve.
  2. The Wright Heart Center is a leader in technological advancement, providing the latest interventions – close to home.
  3. The Center for Surgical & Interventional Medicine will bring the next generation of technology to our community.

The New Center will:

  • focus on Cardiac and vascular interventions;
  • expand the capacity and capability of the Wright Heart Center for current and future needs;
  • and create opportunity for quality improvement efforts involving physicians across multiple disciplines.

Key Steps in the Project:

  • relocate the Lab from its A-wing, second floor location at Ellis Hospital to the E-wing (completed);
  • relocate the Pathology Department from the A-wing, second floor of Ellis Hospital to the ground floor;
  • consolidate and expand the pre/post recovery units. Integrating these areas allows them to function as one unit improving patient care, creating staffing efficiencies and admission oversight;
  • relocate the existing interventional radiology suite from the first floor to the new center;
  • relocate the existing angiography suite to the new center;
  • build a small procedure/anesthesia prep room that can be used for minor procedures;
  • construct a new hybrid operating room (OR) to provide increased flexibility for our surgeons and more advanced treatment options for our patients;
  • relocate the current electrophysiology (EP) lab and construct a second EP lab to accommodate patient volumes;
  • and upgrade imaging equipment.

Project Cost: $19.4 million

Funding: operating and capital revenue plus $7.5 million in philanthropy

Timeline: the renovation and upgrade is underway and will be completed in three phases to allow for continued operation of the existing ORs and pre- and post-recovery areas.

For more information and to find out how you can help, call the Foundation for Ellis Medicine at 243.4600.