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Clinical Achievement and Recognition of Excellence

The Clinical Achievement and Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Program is a clinical ladder program that provides a way to recognize clinical nursing staff for their expertise. There are six levels in the CARE Program based on Benner’s Novice to Expert philosophy. Nurses analyze their own practice, evaluate their expertise, and demonstrate that practice. They can then apply for the advanced recognition of the CARE program for the specialized nursing knowledge, experience, and skills they possess for the level they wish to obtain.

Once accepted into the CARE program, a monetary award is received. For each level, the monetary award goes up. The nurse continues on this journey for each level as long as they meet their 1 year outcome goals and wish to re-apply for the next level. Each nurse works with a CARE program sponsor to analyze practice based on the criteria defined in the program for each level. Portfolios and applications are reviewed by the sponsor prior to being sent to the CARE Program committee for review. In nursing, excellence is the goal.

The levels are:

Level 1 – Competent

Level 2 – Competent

Level 3 - Proficient

Level 4 – Proficient

Level 5 – Expert

Level 6 - Expert