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Anne Saile to be Recognized by Ellis Medicine

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Anne Saile, President of The Saile Group and CEO of the former Bellevue Woman’s Hospital, will be recognized at Ellis Medicine’s Women’s Day Out as the 2023 recipient of the Jane Golub Leadership in Women’s Health Award, affectionately known as “The Janey.”  

Neil Golub, Executive Chairman of Price Chopper Supermarkets and former Chairman of Bellevue, will present Saile with the award named for his late wife at the Women’s Day Out luncheon Thursday, Oct. 12, at River’s Casino and Resort in Schenectady. Media are invited to attend and cover the event. Formal presentations run from 12:40 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.

Jane Golub was a dedicated educator and philanthropist whose generosity and advocacy, along with that of her husband, helped establish the Neil and Jane Golub Breast & Heart Health Center at Ellis’ Bellevue Woman’s Center. The Janey recognizes a well-established community leader or physician who has dedicated her career to caring for and improving the lives of women in our community.  Saile guided Bellevue through some of the most pivotal moments in its history, and in the process became one of the region’s strongest voices for women’s health.

“Jane Golub was a force in women’s health through her own experience, her compassion and her empathy for others,” Saile said. “The light she lived her life by needed to be recognized forever and the Janey honors those who emulate the principals she set. I know how deep the meaning of this award is, and I am truly honored and grateful to receive it.  This is the most significant award of my life.”

Saile joined Bellevue in January 2001, and brought Neil Golub on as chairman. They worked tirelessly to convert the hospital from a for-profit institution owned by the Jorgensen family into a non-profit, raising $1 million in the span of two weeks to keep the hospital afloat. In October 2001, the new entity purchased Bellevue from the family and Saile remained as president and CEO.  Five years later, the State Commission on Healthcare Facilities, better known as the Berger Commission, recommended Bellevue’s closure and Saile spent the next 11 months fighting for the hospital’s survival.  In the process, she became a registered lobbyist and a tireless advocate for access to quality healthcare for women and the LBGTQ+ community.

Her efforts secured Bellevue’s survival through its purchase by Ellis Medicine in 2008.

Neil Golub said the award to Saile is “overdue.”

“It is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to properly recognize Anne Saile’s contributions to women’s health and Bellevue,” he said. “We worked as a team for my six-year tenure at Bellevue as her Chairman, overcoming a series of obstacles that could have closed the facility permanently. Initially, we solved a severe financial crisis. Then, without warning, we were bludgeoned with a state mandate of the Berger Commission to close Bellevue. With an extraordinary effort by Mrs. Saile, we were able to overcome this potential disaster and work out a merger with Ellis Hospital. The results of these efforts have kept this wonderful facility a vibrant part of our community.”

The Oct. 12 event is the 30th annual Women’s Day Out. The networking luncheon offers an educational and engaging health discussion and the Janey Award Presentation along with vendors, activities, an auction and wine and box pulls.  For more information or to register visit Women's Day Out: Ellis Medicine Foundation.

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