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Reversing decades of ‘unfairly low’ payments to area hospitals

Friday, May 5, 2023

For decades, hospitals in the Capital Region have called for equitable federal funding to reimburse them for certain patient care and improve their financial footing. They may soon get their wish, reporter Emilie Munson writes in the Times Union.

The change would result in $193 million annually in increased federal funding for Capital Region hospitals, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer said this week. That money stems from a 43 percent bump in one aspect of Medicare reimbursement, according to the Times Union report, and better reflects the true cost of health care in upstate New York.

“For far too long, Upstate New York hospitals have faced unfairly low Medicare payments that fell terribly short of wage demands leaving hospitals struggling to compete to bring the best doctors and nurses to Upstate New York," said Sen. Schumer. "After years of fighting though, the feds have finally shifted course, and proposed a new rule that can help finally rectify the unfair payment system."

  Read the full Times Union story here

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