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Gifts of Stock

How to Make a Gift of Securities

The best stocks to donate are those that have increased greatly in value, and those producing a low yield. If you sell appreciated assets held for more than one year, your gains are subject to a long-term capital gains tax - unless you donate them directly to a tax-exempt organization like The Foundation for Ellis Medicine. Stock must be transferred to The Foundation (prior to sale) to achieve tax savings.

Stock held by a Bank or Brokerage Firm

If a bank or brokerage firm holds the stock, notify the Foundation office of your stock gift intention by calling 518.243.4600. The Foundation office will provide you with the Foundation's account number and DTC number of our investment firm to relay to your banker or broker.

To ensure that the transaction is processed appropriately, it is important that you provide Ellis the name and telephone number of your bank or broker, a description of the stock (company, number of shares, and estimated value), the anticipated date and desired purpose of the gift.

Donations of GE Securities

The Foundation for Ellis Medicine has an account through which GE employees and retirees may directly transfer stock from their GE account to the Foundation for Ellis Medicine.

GE employees and retirees also may transfer stock through the Bank of New York as Agent for the General Electric Company. To do so, you must provide The Foundation for Ellis Medicine with the proper forms for this transaction for completion prior to the stock transfer. The Foundation will receive a mail notice from the Bank of New York informing us of the stock transfer. Learn more...

Donations of Stock held in Certificate Form

You may present stock certificates to the Foundation office either by mail or in person. Upon receipt, the Foundation will ask you to sign a letter of authorization to complete the transfer.

To learn more contact The Foundation for Ellis Medicine by calling 518.243.4600.