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Medical Technology

Advanced technology improves diagnosis and treatment

Ellis Medicine prides itself on keeping pace with the technological advancements that bring new opportunities and new hope to the medical field.

Recent investments in medical technology include:
  • daVinci Surgical System: brings robot-assisted surgery close to home for surgery that is less invasive, more precise for quicker recovery.
  • 64-Slice CT Scanner: Advanced GE volume computed tomography model and computer workstation produce high resolution, three-dimensional digital images of the body, with exceptional speed. In fact, a routine scan takes only 5-8 seconds and a head-to-toe scan takes only 15-20 seconds. Ellis is now utilizing advanced new ASiR software to reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation during a CT scan by up to 40%.
  • Radiation Therapy CT Simulation System: Ellis Medicine’s Radiation Oncology department uses the 4-slice, wide bore GE LightSpeed CT Simulator and Advantage Sim workstation to produce high resolution, three-dimensional images to produce a 3D reconstruction of the patient’s body for developing cancer treatment plan and for our Prostate Brachytherapy program.
  • Intraoperative Neurophysiology Monitoring (INM): Neurophysiological monitoring for patients undergoing spinal or neurosurgery has been in use at Ellis since early 2008. The advanced technology records evoked potentials from the brain when sensory nerves are stimulated peripherally during surgery in order to prevent or minimize damage to the spinal cord, brain or nerves.
  • Barcode Technology: From the hospital’s robotic pharmacy system to the Medication Administration Check and Phlebotomy Positive Patient Identification systems on the clinical units, barcode technology is utilized to ensure accuracy and increase patient safety.
  • Digital Age: All hospital radiology images are digital and available to physicians online - from MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, and angiography to x-rays, ultrasound and mammography.

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