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Advanced Cancer Treatments

The latest cancer treatments, available close to home

Ellis Medicine's cancer team brings together specialists from varied medical fields to deliver an integrated approach to care and hope in the fight against cancer.  Because every case is different, cancer can be treated in a number of different ways, each depending on the tumor’s type, size, location, and stage. Ellis’ cancer care programs include the most effective and proven treatment options: surgery, radiation oncology, chemotherapy or a combination of these.

Learn more about Ellis cancer specialities:

  • Surgical Oncology – Our highly skilled surgeons and medical staff work closely with radiologists, medical oncologists and pathologists to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate course of treatment possible for a wide range of cancers.
  • Radiation Therapy – Advanced procedures such as image-guided radiation therapy and radioactive seed implants deliver precise, controlled doses of radiation that effectively target tumor areas while sparing normal tissues.
  • Medical Oncology/Chemotherapy – Community-based medical oncologists oversee treatment plans for chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other treatments, ensuring that cancer patients receive coordinated and comprehensive care, close to home.

Talk with your doctor

Treatment options vary from person to person. Consult with your doctor about the best course of treatment for you, and get a second opinion to ensure you are making confident and informed decisions about your care.

For more information about cancer care at Ellis Medicine, please call 518.243.4317.