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Wound Care

Helping patients heal

Ellis Medicine’s experienced wound and ostomy care experts help improve the quality of life for patients with chronic and non-healing wounds. Ellis Medicine’s Wound Care Center provides the most comprehensive care, utilizing state-of-the-art therapies in a program specifically designed to meet each patient’s individualized needs.

Our skilled clinical team is specially trained and treats outpatients with:

  • Chronic wounds related to Circulatory problems and Diabetes
  • Pressure ulcers, which often develop in bedridden patients
  • Ostomy wounds (an ostomy is a surgically created opening in the intestinal system to aid in draining bodily waste)

We know that having chronic wounds impacts a person emotionally, as well as physically. That’s why our entire team, from our helpful clerical staff to our compassionate doctors and nurses, works to provide the most supportive environment possible.

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Ellis Medicine’s Wound Care Center
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