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General Surgery

Ellis Medicine has long been a leader in surgical services, and offers many advanced laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures.

Ellis General Surgery specialize in advanced laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures, and provide comprehensive surgical care for a wide array of conditions, including:



Assessment of breast lesions, biopsy (fine needle, core biopsy), resection of lesion (biopsy, needle localized, simple resection), simple and advanced mastec¬tomy, sentinel node biopsy, treatment of breast cancer, gynecomastia.

Colorectal Surgery

Colonoscopy, emergency and elective colon surgery, laparoscopic and open colon surgery, treatment and assessment of perianal dis¬ease, hemorrhoid treatment including THD (transanal hemmorrhoidal dearterialization and pexy), single port laparoscopic appen¬dectomy.

Head and Neck

Evaluation thryoid nodules, thryoid surgery, lymph node bi¬opsy, tracheostomy.

Skin and Skin Disorders

Treatment and excision of skin and subcutaneous lesions, pilonidal disease, skin cancers

Hepato Biliary and Pancreas

Single or multiple port laparoscopic cholecystec¬tomy, intraoperative cholangiogram, com¬mon bile duct exploration, enteric biliary bypass, liver biopsy, limited liver resection, pancreatic biopsy, pancreatic resection, transgastric drainage of pancreatic cyst.


Adrenalectomy, thryoid surgery.


Node biopsy and exci¬sion, laparoscopic splenectomy, insertion of venous assess.


Assessment of abdo¬men, gastric surgery, gastro-enteric bypass, small bowel resection, lysis of adhesions, esophageal and gastric endoscopy and insertion of PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy).

Hernia Surgery

Laparoscopic (TAPP) and open repair of inguinal hernias, repair of ventral hernia (laparoscopic and open), complex ventral hernia repair with separa¬tion of components, use of biologic matrix in repair.

Reflux Disease

Assessment with EGD (esophoduodenalgastroscopy), esopha¬geal motility and 24 hr pH studies. Repair of hiatal and para-esophageal hernia, surgi¬cal treatment of reflux (partial or total wrap).

Pediatric (over 2 yrs. of age)

Repair of hernia, appendectomy, abdominal assess¬ment, skin and subcutaneous infection.

Meet the Ellis General Surgery Team

Drs. Iftikhar Syed, Mark Sanchez, Satish Muthavarapu, Katherine Hourmont see patients at two locations in Schenectady. [Meet the Team]

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