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Program Objectives

Program objectives are the behaviors desired of graduates upon completion of the program of study at The Belanger School of Nursing.

Upon completion of the curriculum, the graduate:

  • Applies clinical decision making skills through use of the nursing process when providing comprehensive patient-centered nursing care in all phases of the life cycle.
  • Integrates best current evidence with available clinical expertise, and patient/family preferences and values, into the delivery of optimal nursing care.
  • Provides compassionate patient-centered nursing care to individuals, families and groups in all phases of the life cycle.
  • Demonstrates effective verbal and written communication with patients, families and healthcare team members. Initiates actions to resolve conflict.
  • Develops and implements a teaching plan for patients/clients and families in a variety of settings to provide or maintain their optimal level of wellness.
  • Effectively coordinates patient-centered care for groups of clients in a variety of settings, and during the transition to self/home care.
  • Utilizes hospital and/or community resources and information technology to communicate across the disciplines and support clinical decision-making, meeting healthcare needs of patients, clients and others.
  • Demonstrates behaviors that are consistent with the ethical and legal standards of the nursing profession.
  • Uses system wide strategies to mitigate error and promote safety in practice settings.
  • Uses data from outcome of care measures to participate in quality improvement projects.
  • Recognizes Associate Degree preparation as a beginning step in the career of nursing and commits to developing professional practice through advanced degrees and lifelong learning.

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