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Evenings and Weekends

The Belanger School of Nursing evening/weekend program is an alternative method for completion of the associate degree curriculum. The prerequisites for admission to the evening/weekend program are the same as for the day program with the addition of:

Official transcripts showing successful completion of the following:

  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Microbiology

All evening/weekend nursing courses are offered at The Belanger School of Nursing. The majority of the classroom theory will be presented one or two evening(s) every week during the semester. The majority of clinical practice will take place every other weekend. Each nursing course also may have a required one week (Monday-Friday) daytime clinical experience.

The length of time spent in clinical and in classroom theory is determined by the number of credits awarded for each course.

In addition to Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, and Microbiology, evening-weekend students will also be expected to complete the other science and humanities courses required in The Belanger School of Nursing curriculum. These courses can be completed prior to entering the School of Nursing or while enrolled in the program as outlined in the evening/weekend program curriculum plan.