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GE, Ellis partner on maternity services

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Daily Gazette covered the innovative program, a brand new partnership in which GE will pay asingle bundled payment for all maternity services and treatment that Ellis provides to either GE employees or their spouses. The program was designed to lower out-of-pocket costs for GE employees, and also connects them with a "Program Navigator" at Bellevue. The navigator will help coordinate their care, from the first prenatal visit to delivery and post-delivery and serves as the program gatekeeper and liaison to GE.

Ellis is the first provider in New York to partner with GE on this type of program - an example of two innovators working together to explore new models of care, and new payment models that are beneficial to the patient. The program is the result of concentrated efforts by Marc Mesick, VP and Chief Financial Officer; Patricia Rychcik, Bellevue Site Administrator; and Ross Leach, Director of Revenue Management.
Meanwhile, Maureen Kim, BSN RN, former nurse recruiter at Ellis, is the Program Navigator in her new role at Bellevue.
"This partnership is a particularly exciting development for Ellis and Bellevue because GE is known world-wide as a leader in innovation when it comes to employee health," said Maureen Kim. "GE selectively chose to work with Ellis Medicine and Bellevue Woman's Center, which is a vote of confidence in the care we deliver."
This is an exciting time for exploring innovative models in health care that are beneficial to patients and help lower health care costs, while continually improving patient safety and Ellis' financial performance. Following the announcement in July that Ellis would remain independent, this partnership is an example of how Ellis is serving our community as a collaborator by exploring innovative new partnerships and payment models, as well as new ways to deliver superior care to patients.
You can read more about the GE Maternity Care Select Program here.

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