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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Did you know?

Every hospital in New York State is responsible for ensuring that all victims of rape and sexual assault are provided with care that is comprehensive and consistent with current standards of practice.

Sexual Assault victims are treated second only to life or death situations.

For these reason’s Ellis Medicine has designated a “Safe Room” at both the Nott St and Southern Saratoga campuses.


What is the “Safe Room”?

A room specifically designated to treat only victims of Sexual Assault.


How does a Sexual Assault victim get to the “Safe Room”?

When registering ask for the “Safe Room”. 

The charge nurse will be alerted and will call for a nurse examiner, rape crisis advocate and law enforcement, if the victim choose’s to file charges.


What you can expect once in the “Safe Room”.

A forensic examination by a SANE/SAFE examiner. 


What is a forensic examiner and why do I need one?

A forensic examiner is a provider who has completed additional education and training to provide comprehensive care to patients of sexual assault.


What can you expect during the exam?

The examiner can perform a sexual assault examination within 120 hours of the assault. If the victim chooses not to report the incident, the kit will be held for 90 days. A medical screening exam will also be performed by a MD, NP, or PA. This exam ensures that medical needs are met and any injuries requiring medical attention are addressed. The forensic examiner will obtain informed consent and perform a head to toe assessment, and documentation of any injury, including photographs if agreed. Collection of forensic evidence will be processed as well as a detailed genital exam. Gathering the history lays the foundation to offer the patient suitable options including prophylactic medication for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and pregnancy prevention and follow-up services with the community based sexual assault advocacy and medical partners.


How do I pay for these services?

There is no cost to the victim.

The NYS Office of Victim Services pays for Forensic Sexual Assault Exam regardless of whether or not a victim has health insurance or not. 


What is a sexual assault advocate?

An individual specially trained in assisting victims in obtaining the needed treatments and services relating to the victims specific situation.


Do Sexual Assault Advocates work at Ellis Medicine?

No, they are provided by Victim Advocate Services (VAS) of Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, Inc.


What does it cost for Sexual Assault Advocate services?

Sexual Assault Advocates are provided FREE (and CONFIDENTIAL) to all victims of sexual assault.


What other free services provided by the Victim Advocate Services (VAS) of Planned Parenthood?

24 hour Sexual Violence Hotline 518-346-2266

Crisis counseling, both in – person and over the phone

Assistance in accessing crime victim compensation from the NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS)

Information on medical treatment, law enforcement reporting and the criminal justice system process

Advocacy and accompaniment through the forensic exam, police statement and community services

Community referrals for information and aftercare.

Community education and professional training

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