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An open letter from CEO Paul Milton to our employees

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Reflecting on a year of hardship … and a year of resilience

A year ago today, the team on our C6 unit was getting ready for our first COVID-positive inpatient. Masking in public—now our new normal—was still to come. The phrase social distancing was new to many of us. And, we could only guess at the challenges ahead, and the toll this pandemic would take.

There is no way to overstate it: A year ago today was just the beginning of a monumental shift that upended our home lives and work lives. I wish we could be claiming victory over the virus. But a year into the pandemic, while there is hope in vaccines now being administered to 2 million Americans daily, let’s recognize and acknowledge how difficult the pandemic continues to be for all of us.

We all have pandemic fatigue. We are tired and stressed. We continue to face a variety of challenges at home. Our families are separated. Some of us have lost love ones.

We need to acknowledge this, help each other through, and continue to care for one another.

The story of the past year doesn’t end with our hardships, however. We can look back and also recognize the dedication, resilience and sacrifice of all Ellis employees who were tested, especially those serving our COVID patients in the C Wing, ED and ICU.

When the worst pandemic in a century hit us, you rose to the challenge. You showed great character. I can honestly say I’ve never been more proud to be part of your team.

Everywhere I turned in the past year—in hallways, at nurses stations and in corners of our facilities far away from the public eye—I saw colleagues working together with a sense of shared sacrifice and the greater good of our community in mind.

Please know that your managers and leaders are equally committed to doing all they can to support your extraordinary efforts.

Yes, we are fatigued by this long emergency. But among the lessons we’ve learned this past year is that we will rise to the occasion when called.

Looking ahead, the only thing we know for certain is that there will continue to be change. But all we have accomplished in the past year should give us the confidence that we will be ready when change comes. Because of your extraordinary efforts, our community has the confidence that we will be there to care for them, now and always.

- Paul Milton, President & CEO

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