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An open letter from Paul Milton to all Ellis Medicine employees

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Speaking Out Against Racism, Working Together for Change

Is this the death that does it?

Is the horrific and unnecessary killing of George Floyd, an African American, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer last week the crime that will finally set in motion the meaningful and sweeping societal changes needed to address racism and ensure the fairness and equality that everyone deserves?

It damn sure better be.

Mr. Floyd’s final moments were captured on video for the world to see … and they should be seen, as distressing, stomach-turning and frightening as they are. It represents how so many people of color in our country today are held down — in ways large and small, in their everyday lives, in our communities, in our schools, in the workforce — and denied the same opportunities, respect and basic human dignities that people who look like me enjoy.

There is no place for racism or discrimination of any sort in our community. It should be condemned wherever and whenever it raises its hateful head.

Ellis Medicine is committed to leading by example. We are a hugely diverse community of people unto ourselves, caring for a larger and similarly diverse community. We work side-by-side with colleagues of varying race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other differences every day. Each and every one of us cares for and interacts with patients and family members who look different than ourselves, speak different languages and observe different customs.

As a community leader, let me state unequivocally:

Ellis Medicine has Zero Tolerance for racism or any other form of discrimination.

Rooted in our Core Value of Integrity is an unyielding commitment to treat every member of our team and every member of our community with dignity and respect.

Recognizing and embracing our role as the essential healthcare provider for our community’s most vulnerable — and often-underserved — populations, we are committed to removing barriers to care and making our services accessible everyone, as evidenced most recently by our walk-up and drive-thru COVID-19 testing clinics in locations throughout our community.

Going forward, we will commit ourselves to building an even more inclusive and understanding culture. Earlier this year, we began laying the groundwork for an Ellis Medicine Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. You will soon be hearing more about it and I encourage your participation.

Minneapolis is 1,200 miles from Schenectady, but the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd has hit home in many ways. Working together and with others, I believe the people of Ellis Medicine can play a vital role in ridding racism from our communities and healing the racial divide.

- Paul Milton, President & CEO

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