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When it comes to heart conditions, you want the best care possible for you or a loved one. At Ellis Medicine, we've built a heart program that delivers advanced cardiac care with a personal touch. So you have access to the latest procedures and treatments, life-saving emergency best practices, and individualized care that makes patients feel like family.

Are you 65 years of age or older?

Have any of your family members had heart disease, strokes or heart attacks?

Do you have any of these health conditions that increase your risk of heart disease: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity or smoking?

Does your lifestyle include any of these behaviors that increase your risk of heart disease: unhealthy diet; physical inactivity, stress, excess weight, too much alcohol or tobacco use?

Have you ever experienced chest pain or shortness of breath?

Do you ever feel dizzy, weak or light headed for no apparent reason?

Have you noticed a rapid heart rate without exercising, or a fluttering sensation in your chest?