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Ellis Medicine Chargemaster

The Charge Description Master is a list of all billable services and items provided by a hospital. The schedule reflects gross charges for a given service or item, regardless of payer type. Charge Description Masters are updated frequently to accurately reflect the cost of services in the hospital.

This information is not intended to be the only source of pricing information and does not take into account insurance contracts, insurance eligibility, copay or coinsurance. Patients may qualify for uninsured and/or prompt pay discounts. For a more specific estimate of your out of pocket expenses, please call the Ellis Medicine Priceline at 518.243.1695 Monday-Friday 8am -5pm and a representative will assist you.

4030698(expl ACETYLCHOL REC ABS $122.00 Laboratory
4036047(expl AMYL TOTAL $74.00 Laboratory
4030697(expl C-ANCA $109.00 Laboratory
4029715(expl INFECTIOUS AGENT #2 $104.00 Laboratory
4020715(expl INFECTIOUS AGENT 2) $104.00 Laboratory
4034625(expl) COBALT $199.00 Laboratory
4034629(expl) F TRIM SCR (HCG) $172.00 Laboratory
4077846(expl) F TRIM SCR (INHIBI $147.00 Laboratory
4077843(expl) FOOD ALLERGENS $46.00 Laboratory
4077845(expl) IBD (FUNGUS NES AB $86.00 Laboratory
4034621(expl) IBD (IA NON AB-ACC $130.00 Laboratory
4034622(expl) IBD (IA NON AB-ALC $130.00 Laboratory
4034623(expl) IBD (IA NON AB-AMC $130.00 Laboratory
4105727(expl) IRON STAIN (HEMO) $108.00 Laboratory
4045824(expl) THROMB PRF- ACTIVA $138.00 Laboratory
4077875(expl) THROMB PRF- ANTICA $125.00 Laboratory
4077876(expl) THROMB PRF- ANTICA $125.00 Laboratory
4045828(expl) THROMB PRF- APTT $69.00 Laboratory
4077872(expl) THROMB PRF- BETA-2 $125.00 Laboratory
4077873(expl) THROMB PRF- BETA-2 $125.00 Laboratory
4077874(expl) THROMB PRF- BETA-2 $125.00 Laboratory
4045821(expl) THROMB PRF- CLOT I $108.00 Laboratory
4045827(expl) THROMB PRF- DRVVT $91.00 Laboratory
4045820(expl) THROMB PRF- FACTOR $125.00 Laboratory
4036084(expl) THROMB PRF- FACTOR $420.00 Laboratory
4045825(expl) THROMB PRF- HEXAG $105.00 Laboratory
4036083(expl) THROMB PRF- HOMOCY $192.00 Laboratory
4045826(expl) THROMB PRF- LUPUS $91.00 Laboratory
4045829(expl) THROMB PRF- LUPUS $74.00 Laboratory
4045830(expl) THROMB PRF- LUPUS $74.00 Laboratory
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