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Medical Oncology / Chemotherapy

Medical oncology, chemotherapy and hormone therapy

Medical oncology is the treatment of cancer using medications and drugs, including hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Alone or in combination with surgery or radiation therapy, medical oncology offers a promising treatment option for some forms of cancer. Ellis Medicine collaborates with community-based medical oncologists to deliver comprehensive care options, close to home.

Medical Oncology options available in our community:

  • Chemotherapy: Chemical agents have proven effective in treating some cancers, and today, complications and side-effects can be managed to reduce the impact on the patient.
  • Hormone Therapy: Used to treat certain breast and prostate cancer cases, hormone therapy can block the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Medical oncologists work together with the Ellis cancer care team to oversee treatment plans for cancer patients to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care. Through the care of medical oncologists in our community, patients are able to receive chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other medical treatments for cancer.

For more information about cancer care at Ellis Medicine, please call 518.243.4317.